Golden HARMONY - Sound Library for Golden ASET

And Also for Other VSTi Which Support SF2 Format

  Golden HARMONY is a collection of carefully recorded and looped sounds/samples. These are categorized in 6 separate SF2 files. Each SF2 file contains 25 - 40 internal programs for easy selection of individual sounds. SF2 files are 16-25MB in size for optimal use of your computer memory. This sound collection is dedicated especially for users of Golden ASET - it contains 410 presets for it. However its samples can be used also for other VST instruments which support SF2 format. When you use it with Golden ASET, you can create absolutely special, beautiful or very odd sounds by combining different samples with its modulation system. The collection is focused to pad sounds but it contains also other kinds of sound to offer even more variability.

More Info:
Main features
Main categories of presets
Demo music

Main Features

Main Categories of Presets

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Demo Music

Four nice ambient songs made by David Newby with Golden HARMONY: Dark Delight, Spellbound, View from Io, Crystal Cave. A very nice song Sherbet made by David K. Bolger.

You can listen a few demo MP3 files by the player below. Each of them contains a short sequence of a single preset. These randomly selected presets can offer a basic opinion about the sounds which are available in Golden HARMONY. It has not been changed by any external effects.

Order Golden HARMONY now for only $30

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