DRUMATOXIN - Drum and Percussive Sound Library in Wusikstation and SFZ/WAV formats

  DRUMATOXIN is an unique sound library. It is a sparkling collection of electronically processed drum and percussive sounds that can liven the most sagging drum track. Almost 2000 quality drum samples in 32 drum sets offer the broad spectrum of usage in various music styles. You get sounds for live or sequenced drum tracks that are outright drum kits, sequencer driven sets, electronic and ambient, percussive sounds, industrial sounds and bases. Unless you do exclusively capella choirs, you really need Drumatoxin. Please follow the link below to order it now to begin making bright and lively music right away!

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Main Features

Included Drum Sets

577 Presets Sorted in These Categories

Order DRUMATOXIN for Wusikstation for only $40
or DRUMATOXIN in SFZ/WAV format for only $20

Demo Music

Demo Song Made by Drumatoxin User
Secrets by Chris Bader aka Mellotronaut. He used also sounds from Mistral.

Drumatoxin includes 577 presets, nearly all of them (477) are rhythmic sequences. Each rhythmic preset includes 61 varied sound sequences with a 61-key keyboard range. Basically when you play all 61 keys, it's like having 61 presets in each single preset. That's more than 29000 presets included in these rhythmic sequences. A few of the variations of rhythm and sounds can be heard in the demo MP3 files with the player below. Each of them contains a short rhythmic sequence of a single preset. In these demo songs only one, two or three keys are used, pushed at the same time. In each of these songs, only a few keys are used. Demo songs include only sounds from Drumatoxin.

Order DRUMATOXIN for Wusikstation for only $40
or DRUMATOXIN in SFZ/WAV format for only $20

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